JMO Forum Terms of Reference

  1. Promote awareness of JMO Forum issues by providing information arising from the JMO Forum to prevocational trainees and external organisations.
  2. Advocate the interests of trainees in relation to trainee welfare, supervision, training and education.
  3. Promote training and circulate information provided by PMCWA and other teaching bodies.
  4. Provide representation on PMCWA Committees and support their work in achieving the goals of the Committees.
  5. Work in collaboration with PMCWA and participate in consultation on relevant issues affecting prevocational training and education.
  6. Focus on the participation and involvement of JMOs in the decision making and planning functions of PMCWA and its Committees.
  7. Assist in the development and evaluation of resources developed by PMCWA and its Committees.
  8. Provide advice to PMCWA and its Committees on issues of relevance to JMOs.
  9. Liaise with other States on National issues affecting prevocational training and education.
  10. Action the National JMO Forum Resolutions.