MEO Network Group

Medical Education Officers

Medical Education Officers (MEOs) form an expanding profession both in Western Australia (WA) and nationally. MEOs are from varied backgrounds and the role has become an integral part of the pre-vocational junior doctor’s education and training experience. The MEO Network group provides an opportunity for collaboration and networking with other sites.

The Postgraduate Medical Council of WA provides support to assist learning and training requirements and facilitates sharing of resources and ideas, which enable MEOs to carry out their responsibilities at a high standard. The Network Group meets four times a year and receives secretariat support from PMCWA.


MEOs support and organise the orientation, education, training, mentoring and supervision of junior medical officers in addition to providing organisational, strategic and management support to the Department of Postgraduate Medical Education. However due to the various settings in which pre-vocational medical education takes place, the role and responsibilities of the MEO vary slightly from hospital to hospital. The following document outlines the general duties and responsibilities of an MEO (PDF 34KB).

Hospital / Health Service  Contact Details MEO/s
Armadale Hospital Ms Claire Grant
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Ms Michelle Spies
Fiona Stanley Hospital Ms Zoe Moran
Ms Erin Furness
Ms Kylie Reed
Ms Anureet Johl
Fremantle Hospital
Hollywood Private Hospital Ms Kelly Owen
Joondalup Health Campus Ms Michelle Karsdorp
King Edward Memorial Hospital Mr Nick Bennett
Osborne Park Hospital Ms Cally Smith
Peel Health Campus Ms Sam Larmour
Perth Children’s Hospital Mr Robert Evans
Rockingham General Hospital Ms Helen Borrington
Royal Perth Hospital Ms Katie Bellini
Ms Erin Grasso
Ms Alana Symonds
Ms Caroline Bentley
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Ms Trish Li
Ms Patti Fritz
St John of God – Midland Ms Lizzie Howard
St John of God – Mt Lawley Ms Hannah Torniainen
St John of God – Murdoch Ms Kelly Mitchell
St John of God – Subiaco Ms Tessa Jack
WA Country Health Service Ms Nicole Barbarich
Ms Victoria Civitico
Ms Emma Bell
Ms Laura Humphry
Ms Kylie Bull
Ms Natasha D’Anna

Please note, the details of the MEOs at the regional sites can be obtained by contacting the WA Country Health Service.