Executive Committee

Role of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is accountable to the Council for policy and operational decisions. The Executive has delegated authority from Council to confirm Accreditation decisions.

Appointment  to Executive

Positions on Executive are representative Members who are appointed by invitation/ nomination for terms of three years and are eligible for reappointment for subsequent terms; and will relinquish office if absent for more than three consecutive meetings without prior written permission of chair of council.

Executive secretariat is provided by PMCWA.




  1. Act on behalf of the Council when decisions are required for the administration and operation of the Council.
  2. Oversee the Council’s financial management and provision of financial reports to the Department on a monthly basis and the Council as required.
  3. Advocate on behalf of the Council for the provision of an adequate budget to progress Council business.
  4. Review complex issues for, and recommend proposals to the Council or sub-committees.
  5. Maintain liaison between, and facilitate the work of, sub-committees to achieve a common approach to fulfil the Council’s objectives.
  6. Develop reports for the Department and the Minister for Health on the progress and outcomes of the Council and its sub-committees on a quarterly basis.
  7. Provide direction to the Secretariat on operational matters.

Executive Committee Composition


  • Chair of Council
  • Deputy Chair of Council
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chair of Education Committee
  • Chair of Accreditation & Standards Committee
  • Co-Chairs Junior Medical Officer Forum
  • Australian Medical Association Doctors in Training representative
  • Medical Education Officer representative
  • Medical Advisor, Medical Workforce Manager,
  • Medical Workforce Manager, Postgraduate
  • Medical Council of Western Australia (Secretariat)

The Executive Committee meets every month. For further details of when the Executive Committee is next due to meet, download the PMCWA calendar.