Education Committee

The PMCWA Education Committee has a role in contributing to the State-wide, high quality sustainable educational program that meets the requirements of local hospitals standards to produce competent junior doctors to work effectively within the WA health system.

The Committee provides a forum for expert stakeholder consideration and is responsible for the identification, evaluation and monitoring of education and training programs for pre-vocational medical officers and other non-vocational doctors. The Committee will report to PMCWA on strategies and outcomes.

The Education Committee meets every second month. For further details of when the Education Committee will next meet, download the calendar from here or refer to our online calendar, or email

The Terms of Reference for the Education Committee are as follows.

  • Overseeing and co-ordinating the training and education of doctors in the early postgraduate years, focussing particularly on the first two years and thereafter on those doctors not in specialised vocational training.
  • Monitoring and promoting the development and implementation of quality educational programs in all clinical settings employing pre-vocational trainees, to prepare them for unsupervised independent medical practice.
  • Supporting clinicians in education and assessment of junior medical staff by: developing resources and guidelines to assist clinical supervisors; and developing resources and mechanisms for vocational and remedial training.
  • Providing guidelines to support Directors of Clinical Training.
Education Committee Composition


  • Committee Chair
  • Chair, PMCWA
  • Representative of the Directors of Postgraduate Medical Education
  • Representative of the Directors of Clinical Training
  • Representative of Medical Education Registrars
  • Representative of Junior Medical Officers
  • Representative of Medical Education Officers
  • Manager, PMCWA