Working in WA

The Western Australian Government’s Department of Health is the principal health authority in the state, whose mission is to promote, protect, maintain and restore the health of the people of Western Australia. Their aim is to manage a comprehensive range of health and health-related services to all West Australians, including health promotion, health protection, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, continuing care, support and palliative care.

These services are provided through a range of people and organisations, including:

  • Department of Health, WA
  • Government of WA
  • Local Government Health Authorities
  • Private / Commercial Health Care Providers
  • Non-government Organisations and Associations
  • Commonwealth of Australia
  • Interstate Health Authorities
  • Overseas Health Authorities

The services provided include:

  • Aboriginal Health
  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Child Health Centres
  • Community Development
  • Consumer Information
  • Dental Health
  • Disability Services
  • Doctors and Health Professionals
  • Elderly Health
  • Emergency and Crisis
  • Family Health
  • Health Service Management
  • Mental Health
  • Public and Population Health
  • Sexual Health

Further details of these services, including the many private and not-for-profit organisations, which offer private health services and public services with assistance from the State Government, can be found on the Department of Health’s Services search.