The Postgraduate Medical Council of Western Australia (PMCWA) accreditation program sets out to establish and monitor standards for prevocational medical positions and to assist in the attainment of a universally high standard of general clinical training.

Accreditation helps to ensure that health services employing prevocational doctors offer sufficient experience, education, training, supervision, assessment, evaluation, support (including resources) and a safe working environment to enable prevocational doctors to meet the objectives of their training program. Health Services can apply and submit their requests to PMCWA for new or existing units for accreditation.

Accreditation involves a survey team conducting a formal evaluation of hospitals and other health services which employ prevocational doctors. The survey team evaluates the health service based on standards outlined in the Accreditation and Standards Guidelines. Any medical officers involved with or have an interest in medical education are encouraged to sign up to participate in a survey team. Please contact for more information.

The Accreditation PMCWA Review Table shows the current accreditation status of Western Australian hospitals, using information gathered at the surveys. The table describes which units are considered ‘Core’ medical terms.